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Why DateBuzz: A) Most powerful online dating site in USA, Europe, Africa, Asian countries. B) Not good as old site, but new and so beatyful! C) A lot of cool things, etc.: Games, Forums, Blogs, Talks with people and off course dating! D) You dont need register, just authorise with Google or another account. E) What are we writing about!? Just join and see it yourself!!!

DateBuzz.com has been closed! You can use for dating DateBuzz.ru It`s really free! DateBuzz was founded by three Harvard graduates in 2009 and is the first online dating site powered by users bite-sized votes on the specific parts of dater profiles they find like or dislike. Votes on what a user likes fuel his or her romantic matches, while votes on what a user finds buzzworthy delivers support to co-daters. The result is smarter search results and real feedback for every dater on the site.

Uthando World, DateBuzz Abantu abaningi bacabanga: "Oh, ngingumuntu enesizungu, angisoze thola umphefumulo wakho womshado ... There are no comments yet.
Verden kærlighed, DateBuzz Mange mennesker tænker: "Åh, jeg er en ensom mand, jeg vil aldrig finde din soulmate ... There are no comments yet.
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Παγκόσμιο αγάπη, DateBuzz Πολλοί άνθρωποι ... There are no comments yet.
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